In this article we will see how to create a new blank project and open it in the GenMyModel Editor.

Create a New Project

Login to your GenMyModel dashboard and press the  New Project  button from the Projects page. You'll find the same button for quick access in the Home page.

Step 1 - Project Selection

Select the desired project type:

  • BPMN - Business Process
  • UML - Software Architecture
  • JPA - Java JPA entities
  • EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework
  • RDS - Relational Database
  • Flowchart - Simple flow diagram
  • DMN - Decision Model and Notation 
  • Archimate - Enterprise Architecture
  • Journey Map (ENTERPRISE plan)
  • Persona - Characters representing your users (ENTERPRISE plan)
  • Project - Multi-models projects (TEAM/ENTERPRISE plan)

Project Selection

Step 2 - Creation Method

In this article we are focused on a blank project creation, so press on Blank Project.

Step 3 - Project Data

Tape your project name with at least 4 characters and containing only: letters, numbers, '-' and '.' symbols. The space character isn't accepted.

Default Diagram Type

For BPMN and UML projects, select the default diagram :

  • UML - Class, Activity, Use Case, Object, Sequence
  • BPMN - Process, Collaboration, BPMN2 profile (TEAM/ENTERPRISE plan)
  • Archimate - Archimate, Archimate profile (TEAM/ENTREPRISE plan)

Don't worry, once in editor you will be able to add any other diagram (example with UML diagrams below).

Project Visibility

Finally, select the project visibility :

  • Public - public projects are publicly available for everyone to view and to copy
  • Private - private projects are visible only to administrators and collaborators
  • Organization (option visible only with TEAM/ENTERPRISE plans) - projects are accessible to all the organization members in Read-Only mode

And press the  Create  button.

Info : Visibility can be changed at any moment in the Projects page

Project Open in Editor

When the new project is created you are ready to press the  Open in Editor  button.

The editor module will start in a new web browser tab.

GenMyModel editor starting

Let's discover now the editor module.