Welcome to the GenMyModel Diagram plugin for Confluence. Depending of Confluence Space permissions, you will be able to add and view any shared model diagrams.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Configure Atlassian plugins (Jira, Confluence)
  • Insert GenMyModel Diagram plugin
  • Edit / Remove GenMyModel Diagram plugin
  • Open GenMyModel Editor from Confluence page
  • Share Diagrams with Confluence team


The only thing you need to configure in order to use the GenMyModel plugins for Atlassian products is your Atlassian server host name.

You have to choose if you want to install the plugin for your Personal space or your Organization. The context is always visible in the upper right corner.

Dashboard context : Personal or Organization 

Warning : You can't configure the same Atlassian host name for different spaces (Personal and Organization)

Personal Space

Login to your GenMyModel dashboard and click on User Profile page. Fill in your Atlassian server host name and validate it with the  Update  button. 

Host name example: myhost.atlassian.net  

Plugin configuration for Personal space 

Organization Space

Login to your GenMyModel dashboard, click on Organizations page and open the Settings tab. Fill in your Atlassian server host name and validate it with the  Update  button. 

Host name example: myhost.atlassian.net  

Plugin configuration for Organization space 

Insert the GenMyModel Diagram plugin

To add a GenMyModel Diagram plugin into a Confluence page, press on the + icon on the right of the editor toolbar and choose GenMyModel Diagram from the drop-down menu.

You have a choice between inserting the diagram from an existing model and creating a new one.

Inserting a Diagram from an Existing Model

1 - Select a model from the drop-down menu

Warning: The Select a Model menu contains only the projects that are shared with the Confluence team (see below)

2 - Select a version:

- work (the current model in real-time, F5 to refresh the page)

- latest (latest version of the model, 1.0.1 in our example)

- other versions (different versions of the model, they are read only access)

3 - Select a Diagram

Select the diagram (see picture below), if you don't, you will get the following error message "Choose a diagram before saving".

4 - Finally, press the  Insert  button. 

Creating a New Model

1 - Choose a Name

Enter the name without spaces and special characters, like underscore.

2 - Choose between diagram types:


3 - Press the  Insert  button 

Publish the Confluence page

There is no diagram preview in the editing mode. Press the Confluence  Publish  button to save your page and to see the diagram. 

Edit / Remove Diagram

1 - Press on the pencil icon, to switch to the Page Editing Mode

2 - Select the diagram to show up the Dialog Box

3 - Press on the Edit or Remove button

4 - Select the needed diagram and press the  Save  button 

Open a Model from a Confluence Page

To open a diagram in the GenMyModel Editor, simply click on the needed diagram (not in Page Editing Mode) and enter the GenMyModel account credentials.

The GenMyModel login page

Diagram sharing with Confluence team

Access to the diagrams from the Confluence pages is managed in the Organizations page of the GenMyModel dashboard.

Organization details

The team named Confluence will be automatically created during the Confluence plugin installation and will appear in the Teams tab.

The Confluence team

Add the Confluence team as a Collaborator

Choose a project you would like to be shared in Confluence pages.

Click on the Projects page and select that project to open its details. Click on the Collaboration tab and press the  Add Collaborators  button. 

Add the Confluence team as a Collaborator

Finally, click on the Collaborators field, select the Confluence team, its permissions and validate with the  Add Collaborators  button. 

Confluence team in the Collaborators list 

Do the same for any other project you would like to share with the Confluence team.