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Provide less expensive plan for Solo + Collaboration feature only

Your service is the best online tool for UML modelling, thanks for providing free Solo plan!

I'm a single freelancing developer, that needs a good UML modelling tool with ability to view / edit models online via browser, to not install the heavy applications on each computer, including customers computers, to view my UML diagrams.

I work well with UML diagram as single user in free plan, because Team plan with "85 € / user / month" is VERY expensive for me, as single developer-freelancer. And all free features are enough for me, except only one - collaboration.

Very often I need to give full access to diagram for my customers, for allow them to view all my models, including properties information, and leave comments to individual elements, make some live changes to date.

And now, for allow this, I need to pay 170 € (85 € for my account + 85 € for customer account) to simply allow collaborated view and edit of diagram, this is very expensive! Especially when I have not only one customer, but two or more - I must pay + 85 € for each customer!

I know, that I can give to them public direct link to some page of my diagram, but they will receive only static SVG image, without ability to select items, lookup properties and description, leave comments and make some edits. So this is not a solution.

Second way (that I use now) is to register a separate account for each project, and give login-password of each account to customers. But here is another problem, that when customer logs in into account, your server kicks-out all other sessions, so we can't open one diagram together, when talking about it via phone.

Good solution for this problem is implement some less expensive plan (for example, 5 € / month), that will allow only one most needed feature over free plan - Collaboration, or rather - sharing project between accounts, to allow view/edit of one diagram from two accounts.

Or even less - only simply allow to open one account from two computers simultaneously. And will be very best if you allow this on free plan!

Thanks again for so great product, with hope that you will make collaboration in your product less expensive!

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